Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Been A While

We can now officially put Arts & Ideas and Ideat Village 2008 into caskets. That makes me happier than anything you can ever imagine. I am a happy, happy boy. So let's not talk about either of those fests for another year. Deal?

OK, so moving on. Pearl Jam at the Dodge Friday. Here's the setlist: Can’t Keep, Breakerfall, Last Exit, Gods’ Dice, All Night, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Sad, Brain Of J., Big Wave, In Hiding, Not For You (Modern Girl), Daughter(Another Brick In The Wall), Why Go, Jeremy, Gone, Immortality, Porch. Encore 1: Garden, Better Man, Even Flow, Comatose, Leash, Blood (Atomic Dog). Encore 2: Smile, Do The Evolution, Alive, Fuckin’ Up, Yellow Ledbetter (Little Wing).

Also, since I haven't updated in a while, let me say that Maria Taylor at The Space last week was really good. And Steely Dan was OK at The Chevy, too. Someone came and asked my friend Jay and I if we wanted "heady nuggs." I didn't know what that meant, but I don't think she was offering Chicken McNuggets, which I definitely wanted.

At that same Steely Dan concert, we also met a new friend. Super Skunk is a dude who goes from concert to concert selling his, um, glass products. While we did not buy anything from him, he did ask us which concerts he should go to move inventory. He was 30, and had a binder with Jambase's concert listings printed out inside. His mom made this for him. When we got out of the show, which Super Skunk did not attend, he had taken a chair out of Jay's pickup and was sitting there waiting for us, and for people, so he could make sales. It was something. Seriously. I wish everyone could meet Super Skunk.

"WALL-E" topped the box office over the weekend, even beating Angelina Jolie. Now that the festivals are over, I plan to actually see some movies soon. I may actually see "WALL-E," which will be the first Pixar flick I've seen.

This is a sad story.

Um, I don't know what to say about this one. My wardrobe of jeans and a T-shirt probably wouldn't go over so well in Paris, I guess. Maybe I could sparkles on my T-shirt? You know, Be-dazzle the crap out of it?

Now this is good news. I can't wait to see an "Arrested Development" movie. If only they'd do the same for "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiam" I could die happy.

That's all I got for now. Couple big games tonight. First of all, Jack's Bar and Grill looks to become 5-3 when we begin the second half of the season tonight. I'm very excited. Also, the Red Sox play the Rays tonight in a battle for AL East supremacy. Who would have thunk that I'd type that in late June?

Oh, and I forgot. One more thing: Mark Nussbaum can't drive a car because he doesn't have a license. I don't know why. You'll have to ask him.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back.
It got rather lonely out here talking to ourselves.