Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ideats Make Movies

Here's a video documenting the making of my favorite movie from last night's Ideat Village Film Festival. "Bike-Mare" was written by Dan Nicely and directed by Eric Schrader. Enjoy, because I had fun at the event last night, in the Booktrader courtyard. Outside. Movies. Beer. Mmm.

Also, keep in mind you have a choice tonight: Go see Fish at Toad's Place or Johnathan Rice and Maria Taylor at The Space.

If you go see Fish, that means you're seeing the tour I've dubbed: Old Neo Prog, the Oxymoron Show because you know, old and neo. If you see Rice and Taylor, you're seeing the Who's Bleeping Who Tour because, you know, Rice is famous for dating Jenny Lewis and Taylor for Conor Oberst.

Your choice?

An update: We took the first half of a doubleheader last night at softball, but lost the second game. All in all, a pretty decent night. Read more in Friday's Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sure, sure - mock Wall*E if you will, but I can tell you this - that vaporizor in Wall*E is a better actor than Ally Sheedy OR Fisher Stevens.

Anonymous said...

See? See?
I KNEW it!
Even if you don't believe your good friends out here in cyberspace (and we are friendly beings, believe me), I KNOW you'll believe your good buddy Harris - Wall*E is easily not just one of the best movies of the summer, it is hands down one of the best movies of the year thus far.

Don't fight it, Pat.
Give in to Wall*E love.
Besides, I believe pandas kind of smell when they get old. The worst that'll happen to Wall*E is rust...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where are you, pal?
No report on Pearl Jam?
How was Memory Lane?