Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Missives

OK, so it's Monday, we're right in the middle of Arts & Ideas, Ideat Village, the NBA Finals, interleague play and so much more. Needless to say, we have a lot to discuss. I'm going to hit topics in a timely fashion. Sound good? Well, let's get going.

"The Incredible Hulk" topped the box office over the weekend. This wasn't a big surprise, but prognosticators were a bit startled by how much the action flick took in. It seems most folks thought the Green Machine would do about $35 million, but the Ed Norton vehicle actually pulled in over $54 million. Because of the flick's Cinemascore, it looks like it might have legs, which means we'll see a sequel in a couple years. Personally, I haven't caught the movie yet, but I plan to, and I think the Hulk is a franchise that should be around, not dead.

When I got in to work this morning and checked my e-mail, I found about 20 messages from folks really upset about the way Arts & Ideas handled the Saturday Mavis Staples concert. I was in Massachusetts celebrating my friend and softball teammate Shayne Harrel's graduation. So, yeah, while the new Dr. Harrel and I and friends got a bit drunk, the festival completely messed up with Mavis. They should have just made the decision to hold the show inside, but no ... they waited, waited and waited, and then just canceled the gig. And, of course, the fest did a horrible job letting concertgoers know what was going on. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

The Celtics couldn't pull off a big win last night, but that was somewhat expected. I might be getting a little ahead of myself here, but this means that the team can win the championship in Boston. No title has been won in the city of Boston since the Celtics won the 1986 championship. That makes for an interesting story.

As for the NBA, I think this column really aptly describes the finals so far. Read on.

Ideat Village began last weekend, and, unlike Arts & Ideas, I've heard no complaints. I can't wait for this weekend's festivities. I'm already excited.

Bonnaroo went down last weekend, too. You know, I've been to almost every major music festival at least once, but I have still not made the trip to Tennessee to see this one. I've just always been a little weary of all the jam bands.

Speaking of Bonnaroo, it sounds like Pearl Jam's three-hour set at the fest was amazing. I can only hope the band performs a similar concert when it comes to Hartford June 27.

And, MIA is retiring?

We're going to end this blog with a note about Tim Russert. He'll be missed. I try to watch "Meet the Press" every week, and it won't be the same without him. I met Russert once, when he spoke at Providence College several years ago. He was speaking at an event sponsored by a group that I was sort of a part of, so I got sit backstage with him while he waited to go on. We talked about baseball. As everything that's been written about him has said, he was a really nice guy. Anyway, that's it. You can watch the full "Meet the Press" tribute to him here.

Wish my 3-2 softball team well tonight. Weather permitting, we look to make it two wins in a row. We'll talk more tomorrow ... or later.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps this past weekend was the wrong weekend to head to the Cineplex. Russert's passing had an odd effect on me (see rambling philosophical post of Friday), and Father's Day made me miss my dearly departed pop.

So, how do I try to stave off the blues? By paying $9 to see the Hulk. Pretty bad. Norton is just too pretentious for his own good. And Liv Tyler, well...this ain't no Empire Records. Anyway, if it matters (which it doesn't) I didn't have fun, found it on par with the Ang Lee Hulk, and wouldn't sit through a sequel. Iron Man was WAY more fun. Oh yeah, and I spent something like $12 for popcorn and a soda.

Speaking of Bonnaroo, not sure if you read of the Kanye West debaucle. A 2:45 am set that began at 4:25 am. I don't know about you, but frankly, 2:45 am is as bizarre as 4:25 am, even if you ARE supposed to admire how festival chic that is. In most worlds, that's not chic, it's stupid.

Thanks for the link to Meet the Press, but one viewing was enough. When Brokaw started to go about 3/4 of the way through, I'm afraid I lost it too. And I can't say enough about seeing Russert's son Luke facing Matt Lauer this morning. Truly his father's son. If only all these cable TV windbags and pundits who are eulogizing Tim would truly honor his memory and exercise some restraint and decorum when executing their jobs. Ah, dare to dream...