Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday's Fun Day

Well, hello, friends in cyberspace, I'm back with a short update. I once again apologize for being the worst blogger ever. Ever.

Anyway, I don't have the embedding code, so if you want to see my video, just click here. I think it's pretty good.

Also, to answer my good buddy Caldor, who asked a question on the comments section of this here blog, I'm not sure of the answer, but I think I know. While Boston has many venues, I think it lacks one the right size for Okkervil River, which is too big of a band for the Middle East, Paradise and places like that, but too small for the Orpheum, Avalon and Roxy.

I'm probably forgetting a venue, which makes this theory moot, but I have a feeling that's it. Or maybe they just don't want to go too far east? I do know they have a day off between Northampton and New York and, off the record besides to folks reading this blog, some friends of mine tried to book them for around New Haven, and were told the band wanted the day off. Poop. If you want to meet me at the Northampton show Caldor, I'm in.

The Celtics held serve last night, which makes me oh so happy. I didn't see the entire game, but I basically did, and it made me very happy to see the team pull out the win. Now let's just hope Paul Pierce is OK.

This is a sad story if you're me: I love "Survivor," as many of you know. It looks like everything will be OK though. That makes me smile.

Did you know that today is National Doughnut Day? Neither did I, or I would have enjoyed a treat earlier today.

Well, I got nothing else. Enjoy your Friday night, and I'll be back tomorrow. Promise.


Anonymous said...

In the words of the Springfield comic book guy, "Worst. Blogger. Ever."

Anyway, a promise is a promise and we're holding you to it.

More tomorrow, please.

Caldor said...

I don't buy it. Pearl Street is comparable in size to the Middle East downstairs/Paradise isn't it?

Speaking of venue size, what kind of venue do you think "Dark Oppressor" could fill these days? I think you should use your big newspaper pull and track down these kids and put together a one-off reunion, a la "Band Reunited" on VH-1. Or, at least tell the humorous story on this here blog about how these young metalheads once ruled the "cecil and the boys" airwaves. I'd pay to read that.