Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick Note

Hello, everyone. Well, this has been a busy week, so I've been bad at updating. You may have read my story on rock shows at the Shubert in the paper Thursday. And I also wrote an Oscar preview that will run in Sunday's Arts section. Add all the Weekend stuff, and this here blog's been overlooked. Sorry.

Anyway, I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that tonight over at Toad's Place is Phonograph with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I really, really like Phonograph (above), and can't recommend them enough. One of my favorite New Haven shows ever was this band over at Cafe Nine sometime in late 2006.

Also, here's my dilemma: I love, love the Oscars. I love Wilco. They both happen Sunday. This means I'm going to Wilco and then have to run home and watch a taped version of the Oscars to write a diary about. I hope Wilco is great.

We'll talk again soon, but make sure to brave the not-so-bad snow and come out and see Phonograph.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I was unable to score Wilco tix.

Even sadder, I'll probably watch the Oscars.

However, I can fire up the crystal ball just for goes...

Wow, is that Keira Knightly HOT! Africa hot! McDonald's coffee hot! I can only hope the producers oblige the male population of viewers with some pudding wrestling between Keira and Marion Cotillard. OK, so that wasn't in the crystal ball. Although the crystal ball is certainly foggy from all the heavy breathing I just did.

Wow, is that Ruby Dee OLD! Holy Crap! Hal Holbrook makes Ruby Dee look like Hannah Montana!

Wow, is that Diablo Cody ANNOYING! Brittany annoying. John Mayer annoying (that one's for you, Pat).

Wow, did anyone tell Nicholson he's nominated for anything? Oh never mind, he's wasted. That'd explain the sunglasses and Laker jersey he's wearing under the tux.

Wow, I used to think Jon Stewart was FUNNY. Then again, I used to laugh at Robin Williams. And those Marmaduke comics...

Wow, these Best Original Song nominations are making my ears bleed! Wouldn't it have been great if they had gotten Amy Winehouse to sing that song from the Disney movie? Oh Amy. Dear Amy. PLEASE come to the Oscars, you crazy, coked-up chanteuse, you!

Wow, and I thought the Grammys were long, excrutiating and bore no resemblance to real life. Grammys, all is ... almost ... forgiven.

Best adapted screenplay - the Coens (the first of many chances they will have to show America exactly what strange-o's they really are. In the words of Claus VonBulow in Reversal of Fortune, have NO idea...)

Best original screenplay - annoying Diablo (I avert my eyes as she nears the podium)

Best director(s) - the Coens (yes America...they really are THAT weird)

Best supporting actress - the only unknown...a showdown between Blanchett, Dee and Amy Ryan (who deserves it). I hated that Dylan movie, so why does the crystal ball tell me Blanchett will probably get it? Well, my fingers will be crossed for Ryan. At this point, if Ruby wins, someone will have to gently wake her.

Best supporting actor - Javier Bardem. Afterwards, Hal Holbrook naps. After a record 6 hrs in length, when the awards end, one of the ushers at the Kodak gently nudges Hal awake. Holbrook, dazed, thanks the viewers of Evening Shade for the nomination.

Best actress - Julie Christie. If they say Ellen Page, listen for the sound of the thud as I leap from the roof. Seriously - if this disaffected little waif can't even FEIGN phoney Hollywood sincerity over the nomination, why doesn't she just head over to Queen Aretha's house and watch the show from there?

Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis. One can only hope he doesn't invoke the spirits of the dead, like he did at the SAG awards. What a downer. Have faith, America. Maybe he'll be drunk. If nothing else, when they announce the nominees, you'll be able to ponder the elusive question - I wonder when the last time Johnny Depp actually showered WAS?

Best picture - No Country for Old Men. After several trips to the podium, the Coens (the Wednesday and Puggsly Addams of filmmaking) convince America that they make Tim Burton actually seem grounded. Dr. Phil (an unlicensed usher at the Kodak) convinces the brothers that the afterparty is in the padded cell next to Brittany. Diablo Cody is working the coat check for the cell.

2 a.m. EST - Pat returns home from the Wilco show and some post concert revelry at a favorite local watering hole, only to realize that Stewart is still delivering his opening monologue. No need to TIVO this'll last until Tuesday.

Monday 10 a.m. PST - Ruby awakes.
She blurts out..Did I win?!

God, I love Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, your TIVO was fired up on Saturday night.

If you have the means, check out first post-strike SNL (yes, for those of you naysayers, it's still on...and as hit and miss as ever).

Check out the I Drink Your Milkshake skit about 1 hour and 40minutes in.



Pat Ferrucci said...

I think we predicted pretty much the same thing. I agree with all your choices.

I have to say, I think your summary will be better than the actual show is, especially since it will start for me at around midnight and then I have to wake up very early to go through our Oscar contest candidates.

Anyway, I wish I had a DVR. Someone tried to convince me to get one this week, but, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Hopefully, it'll at least be entertaining ...