Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Fun Day

So let's start with a couple funny stories about DJs, one from me, one from my dad.

I was at the gym yesterday. And, for some really odd reason, LA Fitness occasionally has DJs at the gym. I don't understand it. Balloons were everywhere, too. I feel like if they didn't pay DJs, and didn't pay for all the balloons that are constantly everywhere, maybe I wouldn't have to pay $45 a month.

But anyway, so the DJ was taking requests. And he goes, "Now we're going to play one of the most classic songs in the classic-rock canon." Next thing I know, "Livin' on a Prayer" starts blaring. Can something with a "n'" be part of the canon? The canon? I promptly pushed play on my iPod and listened to Okkervil River.

My parents were at an anniversary party recently and my dad was sitting next to some guy, who said to him, "This DJ stinks. I want to hear some loud rock and roll. I love it really loud." After quoting Paul Stanley, you think he'd say he wants to hear Kiss or Metallica or something. But nope, his next like was: "I want to here 'Love Shack.' I love that loud stuff." Um, OK.

Now onto my video for this week. Here's it is, let me know what you think.

What else? Well, remember that Titles plays tonight at Cafe Nine. You'd be a dummy not to go. And when I say dummy, I don't mean a stupid person, but rather not a real human.

Oh, a new Okkervil River record comes out soon. The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is knowing that a new OK River disc could get released at some point.

Um, I got nothing else. I have to go watch "Sex and the City" now. So that was a joke.


Anonymous said...

I repeat - your video is a thing of beauty.

And, as validation, I offer the last paragraph of today's SATC review from the esteemed New York Times (god bless 'em):

"There is something depressingly stunted about this movie; something desperate too. It isn’t that Carrie has grown older or overly familiar. It’s that awash in materialism and narcissism, a cloth flower pinned to her dress where cool chicks wear their Obama buttons, this It Girl has become totally Ick."


This ought to tide over your smile until the next Okkervil CD is released.

Caldor said...


tell me this. Okkervil has posted tour dates in connection with its forthcoming release and the band is set to hit Northampton, MA again. They also hit Northampton on the Stage Names tour, but not Boston. Do you think the band purposefully chooses not to hit Boston or it is just scheduling conflicts? Northampton is nice and all, but I'd rather not have to travel the 90 or so miles and, instead, catch them at a nice quaint Boston locale. Thoughts?

Your pal,