Monday, May 12, 2008

Marriage And Marillion

OK, so I got back from Jersey yesterday, but was way too tired to update this blog. I think I'm still too tired, but not from lack of sleep, but more because I'm tired from worrying so much about a softball rainout tonight.

Anyway, let's just say the wedding I went to Saturday was something. It was big, like really big. I think the band that played had more people in it than I have friends who I'd want at a wedding. It was something. Something.

I did attend Indian Jewelry's show at BAR last night. That group is just not nearly as good live as it as on record. Not close.

And please, please, if you are in a band and are going to liberally use strobe lights, tell me because I won't come. I thought I was going to have a seizure, end up on the dirty floor in a pool of my own tears and urine. I wanted to die. Nobody should use strobe lights unless, of course, you're the proud owner of a haunted house. No other reason is good enough.

So before Indian Jewelry performed, my friend and Brandon were talking about upcoming shows and I mentioned Fish (that's him above) coming to Toad's next month. Fish is the former lead singer of Marillion, which was part of the first wave of neo-prog that swept England in the late '70s, early '80s.

Brandon likes prog a lot, but hadn't heard of Marillion, so I told he needs to seek out the record "Script for a Jester's Tear." And just saying that name made me want to hear the album again, something I hadn't done in probably five or years. So that's what I'm doing as I type this. I then went to the wonderful YouTube and found an old video, which I posted at the bottom of this here blog entry.
In other news, Jennie Garth is returning to "90210." Now, I don't know what to think about remaking this show. I mean, perfection only happens once in a lifetime. Can you recreate something so magical?
"Survivor" concluded last night. Everyone who reads this blog know that, for some weird reason, I really love this show. I watch little non-sports television (not including an obscene amount of "Law & Order" episodes), but I love "Survivor," and this was the show's second-best season. Really.

"Speed Racer" crashed and burned at the box office, making this entertainment writer somewhat happy. I just think the movie looks so dumb and bloated.

There's a reason to go to the Grand Ol' Opry now. A really great reason.
Coldplay will perform in Hartford on its upcoming tour. Yep.

I like Paste magazine, but come on ... Nobody should give any extra press to the upcoming Scarlett Johansson record. It's pretty damn awful. Awful I tell you. And as I say that as someone who really liked Zooey Deschanel's disc.
And with that, I'm done. Pray that softball game goes off without a hitch, even if we lose. I leave you with Marillion performing the title track to "Script for a Jester's Tear" live sometime 1984, I bet.

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Anonymous said...

As I write this, I presume you are softballing. So much for the astute meteorologists' forecasts. From Armegeddon-like monsoon to...lots of clouds.

Of COURSE Speed Racer was bloated. But I tell you true - there were at least 3 adults in the audience last Friday grinning like 8 year old boys with new Hot Wheels. If anything deserved to burn in a fiery blaze of dishonor, it was last weekend's number two pick - What Happens in Vegas. Let's put it this way - I'd rather watch strobe lights.

Oh good lord - I do hope Ms. Underwood reads this blog so that we can finally do something about all this unresolved sexual tension. Not since Sam and Diane...

Let's face it...if you dig up a skull to use as a bong, don't you suspect you'd have to be high to begin with? I DOUBT they needed ANOTHER bong...

Well, hope your game went well. I will be nursing my post-Monday depression with some adult beverages and watching some decidedly non-sports TV.

P.S. - As reported yesterday, NBC has indeed provided humor hack Jimmy Fallon with a late night forum for his twitchy comedy stylings. Please explore all of your wonderful cable options rather than patronize this dreck.