Thursday, May 08, 2008

Good Cause

OK, so here's the deal: For $7.50, you can really help some folks out. That's less than it costs to go to a movie, less than it costs to drive 100 miles (or three if you have a Hummer).

Before I came to the Register, I worked at a different paper for about a year. I worked as a columnist and copy editor, working mostly at night at a desk right near the sports department. Well, I used to watch the Red Sox on one TV while a co-worker of mine on the sports desk would loudly watch the Yankees. Steve's a great guy even if roots for the wrong team.

Now here's the problem: Steve Nalbandian and his wife wanted to have a baby, but when they went to the doctors to make sure everything was cool, they found out that two separate conditions that his wife, Lyndsay, has will make it basically impossible. So they're looking into either adoption or a surrogate mother, but both are very expensive and insurance, as usual, doesn't really help. So you go this site, buy a set of three magnets (depicting the artwork of Lyndsay's mom, for $7.50, and help them out. Take a look at the page and decide.

If you want to read a more detailed piece about this situation, check this one out.

Look, I haven't talked to Steve since I left my last job. We never hung out or anything, just talked baseball while at work. But I'm going to buy a magnet because I think it's a good cause. And because Steve once helped me design a page when I first started and I needed that help.


Anonymous said...

No need to append your blog with pseudo justifications.

The fact of the matter is - aside from this being a very good cause - beneath the strata of snark, you're a very decent guy. I'm sure that your friends and colleagues would agree.

Hell, you even drove to NJ for a wedding - I think that says it all. I wouldn't drive to NJ for my OWN wedding.

Good cause.
Good blog.
Good guy.

Anonymous said...

I hope that tales of your wedding escapades are forthcoming, but until then -

Just thought I'd warn you of one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. NBC is filling the upcoming Conan O'Brien vacancy with Jimmy Fallon.

Wow NBC - brilliant counterprogramming. Make us regret not thinking Conan was funnier when we had the chance by replacing him with someone even LESS funny (as if that were possible). Well late night TV is giving us increasingly more and more reasons for going to bed early (sorry man, but Kimmel can't even feign interest in any of his guests - if he wants to sit and revel in his own hilarity, just film him in a room by himself, and those who find him palatable can partake).

P.S. - Did they even ASK you? Your videos are far more entertaining and fun than anything Fallon has ever committed to video (including that BoSox desecration with Drew Barrymore).