Saturday, May 03, 2008

I Did It!

Well, I promised a blog post for seven-straight days after my pathetic, pathetic output the two weeks previous to this one. If anything, this proves I should be able to always do this, although I guarantee you it won't happen. I'll try though.

Boston was great last night, as always. I ate two Italian sausages, which really are my favorite part of Red Sox games. The rain delay just let me have many Sam Summer Ales before heading into Fenway. That made me happy.

Anyway, as I sit here watching the Red Sox beat up on the Devil Rays, er Rays, for the second night in a row, the only real news is Mariah Carey wedding Nick Cannon. Yep, the 38-year-old singing icon married the 27-year-old "actor." Congratulations to both of them. I once interviewed Cannon and he seemed like a nice dude. Let's hope this marriage lasts longer than our interview, although odds are good, huh?

So with that, I'll leave you with Mariah's new video:

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Anonymous said...

I genuflect before the PC screen - you DID do it, just as promised. Seven in a row. And while this won't earn you a FastPass to the front of the line in heaven, know that right now I'm vicariously buying you a Summer Ale. And you seem to be enjoying it.

So, check it - apparently Iron Man did something like $40M in its first DAY. That means it's on track to earn something like $6M its first weekend. OK, so I was never good at math. But if it DOES keep up that pace, it'll make enough money to set the pace for a record summer and earn Downey a couple of vacation homes with cash off the signing bonus for the sequels alone (to whit, if Iron Man fights Iron Giant, who wins?).

Stand up, salute your flag, then whip out those Playboys. This week, Pam Anderson officially became a US citizen. Well, she and the twins. So, now we can claim Pam Anderson and Oreo pizza as our own. Excuse me, while I wipe away a patriotic tear.

And finally, good old Tina Turner intends to tour again for the first time in eight years. Let me rephrase that - old old Tina Turner intends to tour again for the first time in eight years. While I have nothing against her, I wonder about the advisability of a tour sponsored by Metamucil, where nobody waves lighters because they may set off one of the oxygen tanks of the audience members? I mean, isn't this woman something like 94 years old? Didn't her first solo album boost sales of the Victrola? Wasn't she asked to play at a state dinner by Grover Cleveland? (Thank you! Thank You! I got a million of 'em! Really, you're TOO kind! Drive safely! Don't forget to tip your waitresses!).

And with that, I head out into this Saturday evening for a couple of adult beverages, riding the giddy high of a week's worth of blogs and far too much allergy medecine. Have a safe, extremely holy and - OK, OK if you must - blogfree Sunday. You Mr. Ferrucci, are an honorable man. Over and out.