Thursday, May 01, 2008

Unicorns, Videos, Jon Cooper

You know, I never really thought about my love of unicorns before, but I guess the statement "I Love Unicorns" is true.

Now, some of you must have noticed that there are advertisements and a new look to this blog now. Our online editor, Jon Cooper, did this. He also posted the unicorns post. I did not. Sorry to disappoint all you folks with a unicorn fetish who hoped I had one (that means you Jon). He's an odd one who likes to watch movies while eating a bag of cheeseburgers and nips of Malibu.

Anyway, you can go take a look at my new video here. If you pay close attention, you'll hear me talk about Iron Man being an alcoholic. I mention that Jon Cooper told me this. Now, not only did he tell me this, he e-mailed me this:

"Eventually, Stark's heart condition is discovered by the public and cured with an artificial heart transplant. However, Stark also develops a serious dependency on alcohol. The first time it becomes a problem is when Stark discovers that the national security agency S.H.I.E.L.D. has been buying a controlling interest in his company in order to ensure Stark's continued weapons development for them. At the same time, Stark's business rival Justin Hammer hires several supervillains to attack Stark. At one point, the Iron Man armor is even taken over and used to murder a diplomat. Although Iron Man is not immediately under suspicion, Stark is forced to hand the armor over to the authorities. Eventually Stark and Rhodes, who is now his personal pilot and confidant, track down and defeat those responsible, although Hammer would return to bedevil him. "
I have no idea if Jon wrote this or got it from somewhere. Jon's a weird dude.
That's it friends. And yes, I love unicorns, but not like that, not like Jon does.


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is a blog entry.
Five for five.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you - I am ashamed.
He meant what he said, and he said what he meant, a Ferrucci is faithful one hundred percent.

Reading Jon's note to you, I can't help but note the use of the verb "bedevil." What a good word. Not used nearly enough. Try to use it at least once tomorrow in conversation, will you?

I'm sorry - it's late, and I've had too many Crank Ales. I must get to bed, as I need to be first in line for Iron Man in the morning. I love me some Iron Man. But not in THAT way (not that there's anything wrong with that). Though admittedly, Iron Man does not bedevil me the way Speed Racer does...

Peace out, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

P.S. - This story off the AP wire. This man is bedeviled by stupidity.

Man arrested in Texas for trying to cash $360 billion check

FORT WORTH, Texas - Charles Ray Fuller must have been planning one big record company. The 21-year-old North Texas man was arrested last week for trying to cash a $360 billion check, saying he wanted to start a record business. Tellers at the Fort Worth bank were immediately suspicious — perhaps the 10 zeros on a personal check tipped them off.

Fuller, of suburban Crowley, was arrested on a forgery charge. He was released after posting $3,750 bail.

Fuller said his girlfriend's mother gave him the check to start a record business. But bank employees who contacted the account's owner said the woman told them she did not give him permission to take or cash the check.

In addition to the forgery count, Fuller was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and possessing marijuana. Officers reported finding less than two ounces of marijuana and a .25-caliber handgun and magazine in his pockets.