Monday, May 05, 2008

In Honor Of ...

The Celtics advancing to the second round of the playoffs, I give you ...

Oh, and by the way, today is Opening Day for my softball team. I can't wait. I'm nervous. I haven't slept for days. I'm typing this with my baseball glove on. I might be crying. Excitement is in the air. I could go on, but I won't. I'll let you know how we do tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OK, OK...give it up.
How'd you do?

Anonymous said...

See? I KNEW it.

You're suffering from blogger's post partum depression. Seven days running, then all we get all week is a video and a softball tease.

As for this week's video - well, a week without a thumbs up, is - well, sadly it's like watching those Siskel and Ebert replacements. They don't do the thumbs anymore. You didn't do the thumb. No thumbs make me sad.

And the lilting monotone? It was like watching one of Joe's videos. I mean, if I WANTED to watch one of Joe's videos, I would have WATCHED one of Joe's videos. Just like, when I want some pop culture wisecracks and some aural obscuria, I watch one of YOUR videos. Sparrow? Really?! I guess being a critic you must have the tolerance of one of the Spears' kids' nannies. First that woman named Scout - and now Sparrow? Don't bands employ any women named Alice or Jane anymore? And that artistic wailing? Last week I stepped on my neighbor's cat's tail, and she let out a wail that - oh wait, I don't want to ruin it. But I WILL say that you'll be receiving her demo CD in the mail next week. By the way, her name is Cloud. Cloud Feather. Isn't THAT boho cool?

Hey - I did not one for split second expect plot in the Speed Racer movie. I wanted visual convulsions, and I got 'em. Believe me, you want bad, sit through that Ashton Kutcher thing. The other night, my friend drags me to a press screening. "Hey buddy, free!" he tells me. The moral of the story is, free is not always good. In this case, free was very bad. Very bad as in half way through, I went next door and watched the end of Iron Man again, bad. Cameron Diaz is not hot. She is not funny. In fact, she is not someone who should make movies. Never, ever.

This weekend is Mother's Day. Not so much as a mention in this week's video! I will do something nice for my mother - maybe give her Cloud Feather's CD. Maybe not make her watch anything with Cameron Diaz. Maybe just have an adult beverage and toast dear old mom. Yes, that sounds best.

Next week, I am rocking a FREE Indiana Jones screening. Now THIS promises to be GOOD free (I hope). I will report back after I get me a heaping helping of LeBoeuf (sorry, that just made me throw up in my mouth a little).

Peace, young Patrick.