Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday Video!

Here you go, in all its glorious glory:


Anonymous said...

Quite a fine and informative video, friend.
Except -
Except we didn't get a thumbs-up at the end.
You know, that kind of trademark thing (don't worry - I won't tell Ebert. Or Siskel. Well, Siskel's dead, so I don't think he'd care much, but - I digress)

I mean, we count on that.

You know, it's kind of like Mary Tyler Moor not throwing her hat up at the end of the credits.

Now that would make for an interesting preview video.
Except not one of those berets like Mary wore.
Maybe your Red Sox cap.
Yeah, that'd be good.


Hamlet 2, sadly, is pretty terrible. I know, I know, many reviews have been good. Don't believe them. The best 15 seconds of the movie are in the commercial. Frankly, it's a movie that, like Juno, is WAY too precious and twee for its own good. It all but screams out, "Check out my edgy premise! Aren't I daring?" Maybe. You're just not that funny. Personally, if you have to plunk down $10, check out "Vicky Christine Barcelona." It's good. I now want to go to Spain. And, it stars my secret girlfriend, Scarlett Johannson. Hey, I won't tell Ebert about the thumb thing if you don't tell anyone about Scarlett.


As these fine days dwindle down to a precious few, I continue to be confused and annoyed by my friends' collective fascination with golf. Every week it's "Hey, we're playing. Wanna play?" Hey, I like throwing away my money as much as the next guy, but can't I just skip all the traipsing around and go right to the bar in the clubhouse? And when I DO agree to go and hack around, it infuriates that I am not stridently competitive about it. "YOU'RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO WIN!" Riiiiiiiight, you guys. It's golf, not day trading. Anyhow, I can't get the ball through the windmill at putt putt golf, let alone into a wee hole many lightyears away. You really expect me to care about a ball that I lose sight of after I smack it? I don't really expect you to have any thoughts on this one way or the other - I just mention it for conversation. Between friends. You know. Just like Ross and Chandler and...that other guy. Except without any golfing please. I draw the line somewhere.

So, that's all.
If I was a video right now, I'd be flashing you a BIG thumbs up.
Probably with one of those styrofoam gloves from the football games.
Maybe with something inspirational like "GO PAT" written on it..
Just not "GO TO HAMLET 2, PAT"

That's about it from here.
Over and out.

Pat Ferrucci said...

I liked "Vicky" too, but you can't be more wrong about Scarlett. The best part of that movie was clearly Penelope Cruz. Clearly. Yep.

I also loved "Tropic Thunder." I laughed way too hard.

Unlike Scarlett, one thing we do agree on is golf. I hate it. I have no patience for it. I know you can drink while you play, but I'd rather just drink without playing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes - please don't misunderstand. I love me some Penelope Cruz. Loved her in the flick. It's just, you know, Scarlett gives monster foot rubs, and...well, I'd best not say more. Besides, I wouldn't want to intrude on that daydream regarding Penny serving you burritos off the back of the taco truck.

I liked TT. Liked, not loved. Again, it just seemed to me a movie too in love with its own premise. My friends don't understand that argument. Frankly, I'm not even so sure I understand that argument. If you check out my comments a few entries back, you will see that I gave props to Cruise. His bit almost made me forget how much I loathe him.

You were never more correct. Golf is stupid (except if you're Tiger Woods and have parlayed playing well into an opportunity to bag a totally hot wife). I too would rather plant myself at the bar and wistfully recall the days when I could get the ball in the clown's nose on the first try. Then shotgun my gin and tonic. Ah, sports...

Robin said...

Pat, I'm sitting here shaking my head at that Providence Bruins / Boston Bruins sticker behind you. I guess the Boston side is okay, but we're in CT, you need a Sound Tigers sticker or something.

Love the videos.