Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, David

Maybe he's still reeling from that second "X-Files" movie flopping so badly, but it seems David Duchovny has entered a treatment center for sex addiction.

Um, OK. I'm not a doctor, and I know people can get addicted to just about anything -- I myself am addicted to coffee and, I don't know, jelly beans or something -- but sex addiction always seems a bit odd to me. How is it possible, exactly? How do you diagnose something like this?

Or better question: How has Tea Leoni survived the last 11 years? Is this David's excuse for sleeping around the last few years?

Well, I don't know. And, you know, I don't care. I just thought this was an interesting little note to talk about since I've been told by someone who's in the know that Duchovny is, um, let's just say it starts with an ass and ends with a, you know.

And seriously, who at Fox green lit that damn "X-Files" sequel? They should be canned. Wasn't it common sense that the flick was going to fail miserably?

That's it. Hope your Friday is going well. Mine has been very productive.

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Anonymous said...

Here's what I find fishy about this whole thing...

Duchovny obviously has a manager and an agent (albeit not a very good one based upon his recent career moves) and a publicist. If the guy VOLUNTARILY checked himself into rehab for a "sex addiction," why announce it?

Let's face it, Duchovny's not A-list, and it isn't like TMZ is following him around and jumping out of the bushes at Spago to film his every move.

It certainly can't be to focus attention on some project he's working - hell, it would DEFINITELY been more interesting than sitting through the X-Files sequel - but it sure isn't going to drum up any interest in that lousy SHOWTIME program of his.

So, what could the possible motivation be? More than likely, some disreputable vulture probably has pictures of the guy with a donkey in Tiajuana, and this was David's team's way to triage the situation before something ends up splayed all over the internet.

I can't imagine Tea Leoni's too thrilled with this attention (I can think of several things that Tea Leoni could DO to thrill me, but that's a whole other blog), and I genuinely feel sorry for his kids. And with the prospects of things like sordid interviews with places like that bastion of fine journalism, Access Hollywood, life's not going to be appreciably BETTER for him when he gets OUT of rehab.

So, yes.
A very curious story indeed.