Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Lovely Reminder

As I sit here deep in the bowels of the Connecticut Tennis Center finishing up my last Pilot Pen column of the year, I just wanted to post another quick reminder about the show I helped put together at Cafe Nine Sunday.

Yep, you want to go there and see The Lovely Sparrows, Haunted Continents and Calvin DeCutlass. It's seriously going to be a great gig, one you do not want to miss. Here's my story on the show, and here's the Courant's Eric Danton's piece on the Sparrows. And if you want to listen to some Lovely music, go here.

And that's it. You should go. I'll see you there and we can drink beer. Beer is good.


Anonymous said...

Beer on a Sunday night?
You're making me cry.

Seriously, I'm SO old.

Stay 29 forever, young Pat.

Pat Ferrucci said...

Sunday night is still the weekend. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

Retain that youthful naivete forever.

Out here in the Land That Hope Forgot, Monday mornings come all too quickly.

Still, it's nice to know that Pat Skywalker is out there swinging the party lightsaber in the blackness, slicing away at all that is boring and mundane.

Stay cool, Chili Palmer...

Caldor said...

As more fuel for my theory that the lack of randomness of my iPod's shuffle feature makes it, in fact, totally random, I enjoyed the following songs back to back during last night's workout: "Westfall" by Okkervil River and "Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen.

Appropriate, since the subject matter of both songs is identical. My question to you: who better captured the idea that "there's just a meanness in this world" and "evil don't look like anything?"

sj said...

okay. i really did make a valiant effort. but. i didn't make it there. i'm hoping you give us a recap of what we missed!

i will, however, check out natalie walker at cafe 9 on sept. 16th. because. she. is. awesome.

Pat Ferrucci said...

The show as pretty damn great. The Lovely Sparrows, Calvin and James all put on great performances. I had a really good time and there was a pretty decent turnout.

As for Caldor's question, I must admit I'm partial to "Westfall" as both the tune that captured that sentiment best, and as a song in general. Now, I like "Nebraska" better as an album than "Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You Meet," but that's another question.

Another question for Caldor: You going to come visit me when Okkervil plays Northampton or New York in October? You know, I can get tickets ... I think I'm going to hit all three shows.

Caldor said...

I'd love to. Let's formalize some plans.