Monday, August 18, 2008


Our wonderful online staff has made a killer Pilot Pen page. Check it out here. You can read my first column of the year here.


Caldor said...

I read your first column and the ad banner over the page said "Living in Milford." I thought that was kind of cool in an eerie kind of way.

That's all I've got,

ChrisB. said...

During my years (1986-1990)at a renowned local seafood establishment, which may or may not appear under a psuedonymn at Pilot Pen, I actually worked with a guy who paid his bar tab with cans of stolen frozen lobster meat. I'm not even sure if he ever got caught.

Sad personal fact: Despite the fact that I worked in a seafood restaurant for five years, I never once tired of seafood, not even fried seafood.