Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Tidbits

Let's answer some questions I've gotten in the past few days:
  1. No, there was not a video last week. I'm not sure why. It just didn't happen. That kind of stinks, yes.
  2. Jimmy Buffett was, as always, great on Sunday. You may not like his music -- personally, I think it's merely OK -- but the man has put on a couple of the best shows I've ever seen. There's something to be said for getting an audience so psyched up.
  3. Loudon Wainright put on a varied and great show a couple weeks ago. Here's a video for one of the night's highlights.

That's it for today. I'll be back with more tomorrow. Hopefully, it'll be more entertaining and I won't be half-asleep.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video - I'm really glad to hear that Loudon pulled off another terrific show (damn sorry I missed it). One can only hope that he makes FTC an annual stop and that each year we can look forward to two hours of his greatness!

sj said...

i've heard this song and i never knew the artist. thanks!

i have a question for you: have you heard the local band the sweet awesomes? they were playing at the pre-opening of the warehouse in hartford last week - and they were fantastic. i tried to find them to get their schedule, but to no avail.

i can't quite describe them except to say maybe a bit like the nields, jacquie barnaby, norah jones and perhaps a cross between allison krauss and missy higgins...? i guess that's a little all over the map. but. any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

OK man, it's been days.

We get it, we get it - you're on vacation. But we're, you know, tighter than that. We've been there through the loss of the Cutters and the horrible Madonna releases and the weekends with so many shows that you don't know what to do. We were THERE. We listened. We nodded attentively as if we cared.

OK, enough of this.
On to reviews.

"Man on a Wire" about Phillip Petit is pretty interesting (though sadly, I usually zone out during documentaries). Good rainy day fare. Otherwise, I'm not sure you'd care.

"The Wackness," upon second viewing, still appealed to me greatly. I hope you had a chance to see. Dug the soundtrack.

"Pineapple Express" was mindless fun, but I didn't roar like much of the rest of the audience. Franco and Danny McBride were great, and Rogen basically plays straight man (if there is such a thing in a stoner comedy). I'm convinced Rogen's a much better actor than people give him credit for being, and I'm really interested to see what he does with the Green Hornet. Anyway, the plot more or less strains plausibility from the start (why didn't Rogen just call 911 and have them go to the drug lord's house when he witnessed the killing, rather than running to his dealer?), and the last twenty minutes seems like it belongs in a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. All in all, not a bad way to get out of the heat, but not the stuff of classic comedy either.

Here's a strange aside..As we're leaving the theater, my significant other turns says to me that she thinks you (yes, you PF)exude a very "Rogenesque" vibe. I don't see it. She tells me, that her friends think so too (I have to warn you, most of them get giddy over John Mayer, so go figure). OK, so intelligent, check. Funny, check. But that's about it from here. Just wonder if you get that from other people?

Anyway, hope vacation's going well, and that you catch some Bluefish games during your time off. Nothing beats a classy happy hour at Ralph and Rich's, followed by joyous adult beverages and chicken fingers at Harbor Yard.

Party on, Garth.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Caught a screening of "Tropic Thunder" last week. Found it very funny, though frankly a world with less Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey movies wouldn't be a bad one. I think my reaction was much the same as it was to "Pineapple" - I enjoyed it, just not as much as everyone around me. Though I must say that the cameo by Tom Cruise ALMOST makes up for everything he's perpetrated in the last ten years.