Sunday, August 03, 2008

Newport Folk Festival 7 — Volt Of Fun

I'd be lying if I didn't write again that I was looking forward to Son Volt's set more than any other during this entire festival. I wasn't disappointed. I can't say the alt-country group was better than Over the Rhine, but it was pretty damn good.

Mostly focusing on tunes from the last two albums, Son Volt sped through a 40-minute set that featured way more of the act's harder songs than the acoustic numbers. My ears hurt. I was in the front row, though.

This was the first time I'd seen the band since before its hiatus. I saw it three times before 1999. Even though I like the three records that came before the 21st century best, this was the best I'd seen the group.

Jay Farrar wasn't very talkative; he never is even close to that. But he did talk a bit, which is way more than the first time I saw Son Volt, when he said not one word. Anyway, the crowd got a treat when the band pronounced itself done, but then got word it could play one more. Well, the guys broke into "Drown," its most "known" tune. It really did sound great. The set's highlight, though, was "Straightaways."

I then ran over and caught the last four or five songs from Levon Helm ... this included an all-star finale of "The Weight," which featured a ton of musicians like Gillian Welch. Helm had like 6,432 folks on stage with him during his set. Good stuff.

And that's it on this end. I'm going to enjoy a beer made by Jimmy Buffett while I pass the 20 minutes until the man himself takes the stage. I'm pretty excited. Jimmy Buffett playing in front of the ocean ... pretty cool. At least I think so. We'll catch up after the end of the festival, after I get myself back to New Haven. Until then, enjoy the weather on this perfect Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an eclectic weekend - I too am enjoying the play by play. Hopefully, Buffet did not disappoint you - today's weather (here) could not have been better, so I hope it was a great wrap up for you. A total recap would be great, in addition to your thoughts on other shows of the last two weeks. Did you enjoy Loudon? He was great last year, and I was sadly saddled (wow - alliteration!) with a wedding this year, so I wasn't able to be here. His playing and patter were great. I only wish the small FTC had been filled for him - it was not. Anyway, please let us know.

Enjoy the closer, and a safe drive back from Newport.

Anonymous said...


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