Saturday, August 02, 2008

Newport Folk Festival 3 — Rain, Rain, Rain

So, let's see. The story here is all about the rain. Steve Earle's set was pretty good, that is until he got a DJ up on stage with him and the beats happened. Steve Earle and beats ... not a good job.

After enjoying half of that set, I went to scout out some clam balls, but because of the rain, they're not cooking them. I was forced to settle for pad thai, fried rice and chicken on a stick. Good stuff.

At that point, it was raining, but barely. My shirt was wet, but I wasn't a competitor in a wet T-shirt contest or anything. So then I started to catch She & Him. Then the rain came. Oh, boy, did it come. Anyone who wants to can see my nipples. Yep, that's the truth.

So now I'm back in the Press Pavilion, enjoying an adult beverage and watching a very good band, American Babies, perform on television. Well, the band is actually playing on the main stage and the audience seems to really be enjoying it, but I'm not that brave. And nobody wants to see my nipples.

Here's hoping the weather report looks accurate. The rain should stop in like 30 minutes or so. I still have Jim James and Cat Power to see. Very excited. More adult beverages for me. Later.


Anonymous said...

All this talk of clam balls and's very disturbing.

Well, what's important is that you kids and your folk music are having fun. If your consumption of the oft-mentioned adult beverages continue at the cited rate thus far, the only thing you'll be seeing by tonight is the floor of the Press Pavillion.

Anyway, back here at home, today's paper contained the Bridgeport Bluefish schedule for the week and - in some sort of weird sign from the great beyond - this Thursday is "Thirsty Thursday." I swear. I wouldn't lie about something like that. I had the strangest Cutters flashback. And for a change, it didn't end with a hangover.

Anyway, enjoy the strumming and be thankful that you didn't opt for the Gathering of the Vibes or - as my meteorological friends like to call it - hazy, hot and humid hippies.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me..or is there no new video again this week? Do you know what kind of withdrawl that's going to cause over the next three weeks? I mean, I feel dirty just thinking about reverting to YouTube...

sj said...

ah- you bring me back...

my last trip to the newport festivals was the newport jazz fest some years ago - the lineup was amazing (diana krall, dave brubeck - who i think played in litchfield.. um... today, maybe?, natalie cole and- and -and - Ray Charles - whom I ran into in my hotel on my way over to the fort and was just starstruck.)

it rained for most of the day, but i think the drizzle only added to the awesomeness (to me, rain goes with jazz. or jazz goes with rain.) and i refused to wear a plastic bag, and i may have looked a little like a drowned rat, but it was amazing.

thanks for the play by play!