Monday, October 06, 2008

Jenny Lewis At The Shubert

So, here's my review of last night's Jenny Lewis show at The Shubert. Overall, it was a decent performance, although I'm not sure if it was worth missing the first seven innings of the Red Sox game.

As many of you know, I'm just not a real fan of "Acid Tongue," her newest record, and when she played the fast tunes from that disc, they just sounded bad, with a couple exceptions. Anyway, here's the full set list for those of you interested.

Deer Tick opened. I really dug them, even if it wasn't the most original of bands; it just totally did the whole alt-country thing that I just love to almost perfection.

Set List
The Next Messiah; Pretty Bird; The Charging Sky; Rise Up With Fists!; Bad Man's World; Carpetbaggers; You Are What You Love; Melt Your Heart; Acid Tongue; Jack Killed Mom; Sing a Song for Them

Love Hurts (cover of Gram Parsons); Godspeed; See Fernando

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