Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Missives

So here we are, Monday the 13th. It doesn't have the same ring as Friday the 13th, but what if I wrote a movie about about a batch of very bad chicken being shipped from a warehouse on Monday the 13th and a bunch of people getting the poops from eating it?

Would that make for a quality, icnonic horror film? Probably not. It'd be one of those flicks that doesn't get screened for critics and ends up with a $15 million opening weekend and nothing after.

Anyway, so today is Game Three of the ALCS. My Red Sox badly need a win. With Josh Beckett looking injured and Dice-K being a crapshoot, this is about as big of a game as possible. Thank god Jon Lester is on the mound. If the Sox lose, now that's the premise for a frightening horror film.

What else? Well, there was no video this week for two reasons. Online didn't have time, and I had to jet to Boston Thursday for festivities. The picture at the top of this entry is me at a club in Beantown celebrating my friend Jenny's 30th birthday with other friends. I mention this for a couple reasons: The first is that today is actually Jen's birthday. So, happy birthday, Jen.

The second is more interesting. Even though I write about music, I hardly ever get to hear club music. Why? Well, because I never go to clubs and very rarely receive real club-music CDs in the mail. I would like to point out though that a club with a very expensive cover charge, I heard a 10-minute-or-so song that repeated one lyric over and over: "Face down, ass up, that's the way I like (to have sex)." Um, really? People listen to this? I'm no prude, but at first I found it funny, and then it went on for another 134 minutes ... or so it seemed.

Oh, and you know else is a knock on our culture? How about "Beverly Hill Chihuahua" topping the box office for the second straight week. I know it's a slow time for films, but a film about chihuahuas? Really? Um, I'm sad for us.

I guess that's about it on this end. Hope you all had a good weekend and will be rooting for the Sox tonight.


Anonymous said...

A jacket?!
What next?
I hope you're not going to tell us that you own a tie.
At least one that doesn't clip on.
It would completely ruin the bohemian rock critic image (hey, we also imagine that you eat Fruit Loops with beer for breakfast so please don't ruin it...)

Pat Ferrucci said...

The jacket was because of peer pressure. I succumb easily.

Anonymous said...

Oh, up yours "Anon."
You look very nice, Pat.
Very respectable.
And for the record, we do NOT imagine that you eat Fruit Loops and beer.
We imagine you eat cold General Tsao's chicken and day old tacos for breakfast.
THAT is the bohemian rock critic's breakfast of champions!