Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yep, The New Kids

So I've been bad at updating this here blog for a week, but, you know, I've been a busy boy, writing stories and going to shows and seeing horrible movies (cough, "Miracle at St. Anna," cough). But, I'm back.

And, one more thing before I write this entry and then go to bed: The online department couldn't do a video last week, so I'll be back with another of those Friday.

But I'm writing now because I got back from Mohegan Sun Arena a couple hours ago, having just seen a reunited New Kids on the Block. You can read my review of the show here, but I wanted to do a little blog entry about the funny stuff I saw, the things I couldn't include in a straight, mostly positive review.

So here goes:
  • I have never seen so many women concentrated in one place. Seriously, not even at a Madonna show was there this many ladies. We're talking 95 percent, easily.
  • And with women comes cleavage. I'm a guy, but I think I speak for most of us, ladies, when I say ridiculous, over-the-top push-up bras don't do much for us. Am I right?
  • So you're thinking that I could have picked up some women, and you're probably right, but I'm not the kind of guy that hits on grown women who wear shirts that say things like, "MILF's love Donnie." And yes, that punctuation is incorrect because the homemade shirt featured incorrect grammar.
  • Besides me and my friend Ryan Thomas Dixon, there were very, very few straight men at the show not with a girlfriend. Of the few I saw, one had a T-shirt on that said, "I support single moms." The back of said shirt had a drawing of a woman on a stripper's pole. Yep, this the kind of dude who goes to a NKTOB show without a lady friend. Sad.
  • I did meet Meghan Conlin and Erin Morran of New Britain. Conlin won a radio contest to meet the group before the show. Joey McIntyre broke her camera and then took her name and info to send her a new one. Now that's a nice New Kid. I asked Meghan how the guys looked up close. Her response? "They all look great, especially Joey!" I think Meghan was serious.
  • Way too many women were wearing prom dresses. Um, did I miss something? Was "Hangin' Tough" a popular prom song back in the day?
  • Two women who saw me writing in my reporters notebook asked me if I was a behavioral scientist. Well, not exactly, but, hey, that'd be interesting. I could figure out answers to deep questions like, "Why are 30something women crying during a song at a concert?"
  • One guy had a "Law & Order" T-shirt. I almost ripped it off his back.
  • A lot of sleazy scalpers were walking the perimeter of the Arena. I think one middle-school student was actually scalping. It was kind of weird. You know what else is weird? Sweat pants with elastic legs.
  • At the merch tables, they were selling different T-shirts with each NKOTB members' name on them. Um, I wonder how many Jonathan or Danny shirts were sold. The answer is not many, of course.
  • I wish people couldn't smoke inside the casino. It makes me unhappy.
  • Right as the opening act was going to start, I was still waiting for Ryan and overheard an older man, easily in his 70s, walk over to a trio of younger women and say, "I may be old on the outside, but I'm young in some places and on the inside. So do you girls want a drink?" I couldn't listen any longer, but that's what happened. Scary. I have no idea what that quote means.
  • It's happening at bars lately, but the concert featured one of those screens that people could text messages on to. My two favorite posts: "Jesus, you were my first love. My husband understands" and "NKOTB, thanks 4 getting back 2together for my 31st, luv U." Um, OK, really?
  • During the concert, there was a death montage, just like at the Oscars or something. With Heath Ledger and everything. Why? Well, to fill time, of course.
  • Joey McIntyre wore shoes that included three-inch lifts, at least. I'm telling you fans: He's at least three inches shorter than it looked.
  • There were so many crotch grabs throughout the show. And each time any member did it, the crowd went nuts. I feel like I know what a bachelorette party is like now.

That's about it on this end. I'll write more tomorrow, including some baseball playoff predictions. Hopefully, I'll have some from Little Nicholas too. I'll also have a photo of Little Nicholas and his friends, who saw NKOTB in Boston. At that show, Paul Pierce of the Celtics came on stage with the championship trophy during "Hangin' Tough." Yep, that happened.


sj said...

i confess:
1) i had a huge crush on Jordan when i was 12 and they were their peak. but now, at 31, i find it all a little creepy.
2) i know all of the words to Hangin' Tough.
3) i seriously considered going to the concert, just for the sheer campiness of it all, but my husband outright refused and i couldn't find a friend who was interested in the social anthropology aspect.

so alas, i did not go.

(and the cleavage at the NKOTB concert cannot possibly rival the CTRF. it's just. not. possible. i can't... it's just... it's not cool. i'm glad i wasn't born in the 1700s. for many reasons, really. but mostly because my ribs still hurt after this weekend.)

Erin said...

I am one of the girls that asked if you were a behavorial analyst. P.S. read your review and I have to say.... The Right Stuff did not drone on for went by soo fast..if you get special tickets to Novemeber 8th will you sell them to me? haha jk

Anonymous said...

My cousin (from Medway, MA) and I went to see "Dancing with the Stars" about 2 years ago at a local arena, and one of the "stars" was Joey McIntyre.

Anyway, we were in the "lucky" section of the audience who was chosent to meet/get autographs from Joey Mac after the show (he was hawking a solo CD at the time).

Well, my cousing had had a couple of adult beverages during the show and couldn't WAIT to see her teen girl crush up close and personal.

Anyway, I sat out the meet and greet but watched her and lots of middle aged women wet themselves in line over the thought of meeting one of the genuine new kids.

So my cousin gets up there, gets her autograph, then turns and screams to me (in her dyed in the wool best Bah-stun accent) across the conga line of estrogen, "Oh my gawd - he's a freakin' MIDGET!"

Thus endeth my Joey Mac tale.
So the three inch platforms don't surprise me in the least. I guess they figured no one would come to something called New Dwarves on the Block.

Pat Ferrucci said...

I saw the CTRF photos. That's a whole lot of cleavage. It doesn't make it right, though. You know, that's why my age-old motto is always a good one to live by: Thou shall not ever attend a Renaissance fair for fear of starting to like games with hit points.

sj said...

i don't get that reference (games with hit points?) but i think that's for the best.

but you have frightened me into scanning the internet in fear of what kind of pictures may be out there. the fact that i may be someone's screen saver has given me the willies.

but for the record: i have to dress in costume. you can't sing 18th century sea shanties whilst wearing garb from the Gap. else "farewell and adieu to you Spanish Ladies" becomes "See ya, Penelope Cruz."

Erin said...

The kid scalping tickets in sweatpants reminded me of the kid in "Two and a Half Men"
Your review of the show was pretty spot on. I think I might be a bigger fan of them now than I was when I was 14-something about watching the show in the arena vs. Lake Compounce just makes the whole thing that much better.
I also had the pleasure of meeting the guys beforehand and I must say, I was impressed at how gracious they were toward their fans. Oh, and it was my camera that Joe McIntyre dropped and broke-he was super apologetic and adamant about replacing it. However, I can still view things on it, so I carry the camera around in case I bump into to someone who wants to see my pictures of me and nkotb. Actually, even if they don't ask, I show them off anyway.
See ya on November 8th!

Pat Ferrucci said...

New Kids at Lake Compounce?!? That sounds about perfect, keeping in mind I've never been to Lake Compounce, but have an inner dream to do just that. Sorry for getting whose camera it was wrong. It was just that your friend, Meghan, was clearly very excited to meet Joey. Very excited.

Oh, and by the way, I sing sea shanties while wearing clothes from the The Gap all time time. In fact, I think I may go home in a few and perform in front of my mirror as a way to get excited about the Red Sox game.