Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Politics Alert

We're going to get political for a second. I'm not going to go on here and tell people who to vote for or anything. You should vote how you feel, obviously. But this story troubles me.

So Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann went on "Hardball" and called Barack Obama "anti-American." OK, so that's a ridiculous statement and the Republican sort of beat around the bush and apologized.

But that's not even my real problem.

As the story goes on, you'll see that she claims to have never seen "Hardball." I don't care if you're a Republican, a Democrat, a Whig or a Bull Moose backer, if you're never seen "Hardball," you should not be in Congress. I mean, seriously?

Sometimes things amaze me. It's like me saying I've never heard a Rolling Stones song. I don't particularly care for the Stones, but I've heard everything the band's done. Man, no "Hardball" Michele, really?

Of course, this is a woman who blames any fault in children on public schools, and she's fought to have intelligent design given equal time as evolution in such schools. Yup. Oh, yeah, she's also spent a lot of time recently campaigning for traditional light bulbs over, you know, the ones that are better for the environment. Light bulbs?

Here are a couple of my favorite things that she believes in:
1. Favors an investigation of "anti-American" sentiment among members of Congress (um, McCarthyism?).

2. Opposes minimum wage increases (screw less fortunate folks).

3. Supports both a Federal and State constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and legal equivalent, and is a critic of any type of gay rights or civil unions for gay couples (so she basically believes that homosexuality is wrong. Even Sarah Palin believes in civil unions). Wow. A real, verifiable quote from Bachmann: the gay community was specifically targeting children and that "our children ... are the prize for this community."
These people work in Congress. Yep. I'm glad I don't live in St. Paul. She could get re-elected in a couple weeks. That's a scary thought.

Let's get on with the Hump Day now.

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