Thursday, October 09, 2008

Okkervil In Northampton

Wednesday night was easily the best Okkervil River show I've seen since last year's concert at Pearl Street. The set list was thoughtful and the band seemed to be enjoying itself a lot more than the last two times I've seen it. That's mostly because, I would assume, the members are getting more accustomed to each other.

The venue was about 20 percent more crowded than Okkervil's last gig at the same place, so that's a good thing. Here's my review of the show. The set list is below.

A couple quick notes, though: Crooked Fingers opened and was really good. Oh, sure, the band may never be Archers of Loaf, but Eric Bachman's newest project gets better with each record. And the group's newest, which just hit stores, is really strong.

Providence's The What Cheer? Brigade opened. When I was talking to the Courant's Eric Danton at the show, he called them the Hipster Rebirth Brass Band. I thought that was pretty accurate. It was a bunch of indie folk who decided to make a marching band. For about 10 minutes, it was kind of cool (the group performed not on stage, but in the crowd). But after 30 minutes, I wanted to shoot myself. Yep. Anyway ...

Set List
Plus Ones; Singer Songwriter; A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene; Black; All The Latest Toughs; On Tour With Zykos; John Allyn Smith Sails; Pop Lie; A Stone; Blue Tulip; Lost Coastlines; Black Sheep Boy; For Real; Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe; Unless It Kicks.

Girl In Port; Okkervil River Song; Westfall

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