Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Before-Grammy Update

Isn't it great that Lindsay Lohan's mom says the starlet is enjoying rehab? Dina Lohan, the mom in question, is a bad mother, plain and simple. According to all reports, this woman gets drunk with her underage daughter, and enjoys the fame a ton. No wonder little Lindsay is in rehab.

Eddie Murphy topped the box office with "Norbit," which received across-the-board scathing reviews. Just another example of people not reading the paper. Well, sort of. It's also an example of how people like to laugh, even if they're laughing at fat people and other dumb humor.

Ike Turner won a Grammy earlier tonight, one of the awards they don't announce on the show. After picking up the trophy, Ike promptly smacked the presenter over the head with it. OK, I made that one up.

The whole Anna Nicole Smith thing just keeps getting crazier. This is some weird stuff. Of course, we should expect this coming from the premature death of someone we made famous for doing absolutely nothing, unless you consider being drugged out and dumb something.

The Brits honored both "The Queen" and "The Last King of Scotland" earlier today. Who would have thunk it? The English folks over at BAFTA like royalty. Long live the king, and queen.

Interesting music article in the Times today, talking about a town in Jersey that's a little different. Check it out.

Calla's at BAR tonight with another very good band, Awesome Color. If you're not interested in the Grammy Awards, check it out.

And at Toad's, we have Chris DePino and Laco Deczi's concert in support of St. Jude's. A good cause with some good music. Head on over.

Even Serbia loves Rocky Balboa. Read about it.

And that's about it on this end. Read my Grammy reaction in Monday's Register. Here's hoping it's funny.

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