Monday, February 05, 2007

Tid Bits of News

Fully recovered from a not-nearly-as-close as it looked Super Bowl, I've been thinking about how bad the non-Patriots Super Bowls of the last few years actually have been.

I don't say this as just a Pats fan. Think about it: Last night was a bore and sloppy, but not nearly as sloppy as the previous year's, when we saw two of the worst QB performances in the history of the Super Bowl from Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The only other Super Bowl that did not include New England in the past few years was that Tampa and Oakland debacle that saw Rich Gannon account for 2,046 turnovers himself. Seriously, the last good Big Game without the Pats goes all the way back to Rams vs. Titans, which went down in 2000. Of course, I guess the Super Bowl is always a crap shoot.

In other news:

It looks like David Lee Roth will rejoin Van Halen. Does anyone really care anymore? Isn't the whole band Eddie's kids, now? This is a desperate move by two very desperate parties, Van Halen and the pathetic Roth.

One thing that was great about the Super Bowl was Prince's performance, a big surprise considering the recent history of half-time shows. If you missed it, I'm sure you can find it illegally posted on the Internet. Hint: Check YouTube.

Someone forwarded me an interview with the greatest actor of the 1980s. Check it out here.

There aren't many good songs on the new The Decemeberists disc, but "O Valencia!" is pretty great. The video is cool, too. See it here.

And that's about it on this end.

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