Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday is Monday

In some ways, last night's Grammy Awards did the right thing, handing the Dixie Chicks as many awards as possible. On the other hand, the show continues to honor the bland and boring, the safe and crummy. Here's my take on the event.

The biggest news of the evening came with The Police reunion. I have to wonder if it was worth the wait. The performance sounded great; of course, there were some canned harmonies. We'll have to see about the tour. We should find out today. Check back to this blog for the news.

Nicolas Cage wants to make "She-Hulk," huh? Tell me that's not the funniest visual ever. Oh, OK, he wants to make it with Eva Mendes, but it says here that "Ghost Rider" fails so miserably this weekend that nobody's going to let Nic anywhere near a comic-book movie for a long while.

Co-worker Joe Amarante sent me this story from the Times about the man who's got me so excited for April. I'm going to be like a lame teenager and buy the dude's shirt. Although, Joe, you see, is shaking in his boots.

It looks like MTV is cancelling "I'm From Rolling Stone." Oh, you mean you can't just find good music journalists on the street? Not just anybody is one?

A David Lynch musical. Who would have thunk it? I just wish it was "Mulholland Drive." You know why.

Entertainment Weekly has a good story on who should have won at the 2002 Oscars.

It looks like we'll get a Radiohead album in August. I can't confirm that this site is legit, though.

Howie Mandel
gets to hang with many ladies while filming "Deal or No Deal." Well, the comic was at Foxwoods last weekend, hanging with other ladies. The casino sent me this photo with Howie and the Celtic dancers. With the Celtics losers of 2,347 games in a row, it's no wonder the dancers have left to go work with bad comedians.

Toad's Place has announced a Feb. 27 show with Mirah and The Blow. I always see Mirah and hope for Marah.

Cafe Nine presents Beatnik 2000 No. 351 tonight at 9 p.m. Look for James Velvet and the Ivory Bills to headline.

And that's about it on this end. Stay tuned for those Police updates.

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