Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's My Friday!

Wowzer. Who would have thunk it would have only lasted this long? So much for that Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth. I guess the tour is off, according to Rolling Stone. I know Van Halen is somewhat influential in its own way, and that everyone I know from New Jersey was dying to see this tour, but does anyone really care about this band anymore? I mean, I know I would go to review, but I honestly wouldn't pay a $1 to see them, and I'm a huge music fan, obviously.

As you read in the Register today, Fox's "The O.C." goes on permanent hiatus tonight, after it airs the series finale at 9 p.m. This is big news for a group of people now between the ages of like 20-26. For everyone else, this was a show that never really was on the radar, except for making stars out of Death Cab For Cutie, which owes its success to the show. Hell, emo rock owes its success to "The O.C." So while the drama won't have any lasting impact on the TV world, it certainly will when it comes to music.

Be afraid, be very afraid: "Rambo" is coming back to the big screen, with machine guns blaring, of course.

All the ladies in the world and that one guy should take note: ABC is readying a spinoff for "Grey's Anatomy." My friends Danny and Jay were forced to watch the show last week because it was on at a bar. They officially lost their manhood that day.

I should have put this up right when it came over, but a new Guns N' Roses song, "Your Thoughts, Your Prayers," leaked onto the Internet yesterday. It's now down due to lawsuit threats, but I got a chance to listen. Not bad, and much better than the three or four tunes anyone paying attention over the last decade has probably heard through bootlegs. This might actually mean that "Chinese Democracy" might see the light of store shelves next month, like Geffen has sort-of promised.

Speaking of leaks, hear a new Modest Mouse tune here.

Yale grad Hrishikesh Hirway performs music under the name The One AM Radio. His music of choice is hushed acoustic folk, augmented by strings and pulsating electronics. Think Elliot Smith with the prevalent-but-subtle electronica of Mum. Well, the musician performs tonight at the Wallingford American Legion, another in a long line of great shows put on by Manic Productions. Go to Manic's site for more info.

There's a local band showcase over at Toad's Place tonight, with the most interesting name on the bill belonging to The Chuck Hestons.

Old-School Rap Battle at Cafe Nine tonight! Get ready for some break-dancing. Maybe someone will do one of those head-spins that were so "dangerous" in the '80s.

Cassandra Kubinski headlines a show of happy, light pop at The Space tonight.

OK, I'm about ready to call it a week. Maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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