Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hump Day Hookup

For you, the normal person, today is hump day. For me, the not-so-normal person, that happened to be yesterday, but I'm still happy to give you, my loyal readers, some hump-day news.

So let's get right to it: I hope we're all recovered from Fat Tuesday. I know I pulled my pants down numerous times last night in the hope of getting some beads. But, you know, I found that it didn't necessarily work at a restaurant, during a class, while playing racquetball ... people just didn't want to give me the beads. I don't get it. I may keep trying today.

I'm not a very religious boy, so I don't plan to give anything up for Lent. But if you are, just make sure not give up my blog. I know it's sugary, sweet and too good to be true, so it feels like it's not kosher, but I assure you Blog Like An Egyptian is nutritional and good for you, holy you might say. You just might.

Well, the cast of "Dancing With The Stars" has been announced. It includes a woman with one leg, a dude named Big Pussy, but no Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar, above), which was the rumor. There was no chance I was going to watch before, but it certainly isn't even going to cross my mind, now.

Britney Spears just can't seem to make up her mind. Now, this is not a joke: Someone needs to seriously help her. Really.

As the Register's Mary O'Leary writes in this piece, "horse urine is not the favorite drink of the ... 16 million citizens" of Kazakhstan. An ambassador from Kazakhstan to the United States and Canada also cleared up a lot of other "Borat" misconceptions yesterday in the Elm City.

The bastard child of the formerly ubiquitous Baldwin Brother Cult has another run-in with the police. Poor, Alec, having to be related with these folks.

My dad would be so excited to see these fun little videos from "The Muppets." My dad doesn't like "The Muppets," though. Sadly, he loves Alice Cooper. Sometimes when I'm home, he still walks around with a snake around his neck. Am I kidding?

Be on the lookout, Tori Amos is planning a new record (OK), and a new tour (you'd have to kill me before I'd attend another Tori show).

Oh my God, it's like so great. I mean, how just, like, great is it that like Trista and Ryan are having a baby. I mean, like, I just love them so much, like they're like the perfect couple. Who, like, cares about this crap?

Could the original Guns N' Roses really get back together? That would so much bigger than The Police reunion, seriously.

I'm a big fan of Up The Empire. Big one. The band plays Cafe Nine tonight with SSM. Be there or be square.

WZMX hosts an Underground Jam at Toad's Place tonight. It'll be above ground though, just the music is underground.

The Phoenix Tree performs at The Space tonight. Space booker Rory Condon says the band sounds like a cross between Alice In Chains and Neil Young. Wow.

I'm all done. Happy first day of Lent! Isn't Ash Wednesday just the bomb?

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