Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mirah and More

Toad's Place is clearly on a roll lately, booking many very good and surprising shows. I mean, think about it: We had Patti Smith last Friday, and tonight Mirah comes to town. Those are two very different artists, but yet both make challenging and accessible music that refuses simple categorization.

And we haven't even mentioned the other great shows that have happened at the York Street venue in the last couple of weeks, or the free Play Birthday Bash tomorrow that will double as a Lemonheads show and a celebration of the best local music New Haven has to offer.

But, we'll talk about that tomorrow. Today is a time to celebrate Mirah, a folkie who's been in relative hiding for the last year or so, preparing a new concept record about bugs. That disc isn't out yet, but the songwriter is going on a very short tour to warm up before the album's release. We're just lucky that one of those shows is here, and that Jeff at Toad's knew enough to book her. See you guys there.

Listen to Mirah's "The Light" here.


If you're wondering what I thought about the Oscars, my running notebook is in today's Register. Pick it up.

James Cameron made a lot of people mad when he yelled that he was "the king of the world" at the 1998 Oscars. Well, let's just say a few more are going to curse him out after this documentary airs.

Pitchfork has a good little interview with Lou Barlow up.

The Marty backlash is already starting, at least a little bit. I can't disagree either.

One of my favorite interviews ever, and one of my favorite musicians gives an essay on NPR. Listen to Wayne Coyne here.

The Arcade Fire disc is pretty good. You can hear it here.

And that's about it from this end. I have to go write a story about Hanson. Read about the band in Friday's Weekend. Ike has some very interesting things to say. He even dissed Nickelback.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pat,
Great little blog you get here. I just saw that The Police will be playing at Rentschler Field July 31st. What do you think of this choice of venue? Good sound system? I heard mixed reviews from the Rolling Stone concert that was held there. Debating whether to see The Police there or make the trip to Boston or NYC.


Pat Ferrucci said...

Hey, Kristin,

I think Rentschler is a good choice of venue for the simple fact that it's huge, so getting tickets won't be as hard as it could have been if, say, The Police was playing the Civic Center.

Anyway, the sound is pretty good at Rentschler, just as decent as any outdoor stadium. I warn against Fenway; the sound there sucks.

So, yeah, go to the Rentschler show, that's my advice.