Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winter Wonderland

This morning I realized that I'm not alone in wanting to revel in our first real snowfall in the New Haven area.

I mean, why else would the city decide not to plow? Nerves woke me up today, all because I was worried that the plows would get rid of the flakes and hail, making the streets safer. You'd think that the people manning the trucks would be all hot and bothered like the local weathermen, all way too giddy about the snow and getting something to do.

The weathermen certainly lived to their expectations, getting the area into a frenzy about not-so-much snow. On the way to work, though, I realized plows had definitely not been out in the Elm City. Amazing stuff.

But let's get to the news of the day. Doesn't this cover of Rolling Stone scare you? I don't think it takes a genius to know that these three guitarists are far from the best music has to offer. David Fricke is usually a very good music writer, but this article makes me sad inside.

You would think the military would have better things to do than criticize "24." Although, you would think Congress would have much more important things to do meddle in baseball, too.

According to Kill Rock Stars and Pitchfork, a CD full of Elliott Smith rarities will hit stores May 8. This is a good thing, but let's hope Elliott doesn't become rock's version of Tupac, releasing posthumous album after posthumous album.

Who would have thought the awful flick "Sahara" would still be in the news to this day. The movie was bad, the dude's book was probably bad. Get over it.

The good folks over at Play Magazine like to rag on me because I can't stand Lily Allen. The Brit is looking to win some British awards.

Here's a story on the end of "The O.C.," a show I haven't even seen in years and never watched regularly. I have friends who truly believe this season has been fantastic. I can't vouch for how bad or good the show is, but it seems easy to blame the series' ratings slide on Fox, which moved it around every few weeks, it seemed.

Where have you gone Alicia Silverstone, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Michael Bay screened 25 minutes of the upcoming "Transformers" for a select bunch last night. How did it go? Find out here.

Oh, man, please go to this site and let Britney Spears say your name. Truly hilarious.

Bret Michaels of Poison now has his own show. I just wish it was C.C. DeVille, then we could hear more about how "the house whores became the house of horrors."

One of my absolute favorite bands, Dinosaur Jr., has a couple new songs up on its MySpace page. Pretty exciting, heh?

This news should make any music fan over the age of like 18 really sad. I just shed a tear.

Go read about the final roster at Bonnaroo, which has gone from a hippie paradise to a really good festival in the last few years.

I know "American Idol" has only been on a few times so far this season, but it seems Entertainment Weekly has decided there was a need to identify the best and worst of the year so far.

Ding Dong DJs are over at Cafe Nine tonight. 'Nuff said.

The Rivalry joins The Trickle Down Effect and Sketch Tha Cataclysm over at The Space tonight. It's an evening of high-energy indie rock, with some hip hop thrown in. Guess which one is the hip-hop artist.

And that's it on this Wednesday. Stay off the roads. I don't think the plowers have decided to do anything yet. They want to enjoy the snow, too.

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