Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Taking 'Order' Out Of My Day

Justice is a funny thing. I watched the NBA All-Star Game from a bar on Sunday. It was entertaining enough, nothing special, but, of course all-star games never do live up to any hype. But you know did live up to the hype? The 24-hour "Law & Order" marathon that began immediately after the game.

Simply put, I'm a sucker for "Law & Order." It doesn't even matter if I'm watching one of the many spinoffs. I don't care. I'll even watch ones I've already seen, dozens of times. What's weird is that original debuted when I was literally 11, but I never saw a full episode until I moved to New Haven, roughly three years ago, sometime during season 15. Now I can't get enough.

I must have deep yearning to see justice happen, although just writing that sentence made me laugh out loud. The problem with this addiction, you see, is similar to that Jimmy Buffett song where he talks about it being 5 p.m. somewhere. You see, somewhere on the cable dial, there's always a "Law & Order" episode on. For me, that means my drug of choice is always around. Try putting heroin near an addict, all the time, and I don't think they'd make it too long. I'm sure I'll OD on the great Jack McCoy soon ....

It's just a matter of time, right? Anyway, having a 24-hour marathon ruined my day. Oh, I went to work and everything, but when I got home? Man, nothing got done. I didn't go to a show, didn't write any stories from home, didn't do anything to prepare for the class I teach twice a week, didn't go to a bar. Nothing.

But, somewhere, deep in heart, I know that's OK because I saw a whole lot of justice.

Now let's get to serious things, like the ongoing crisis over Britney Spears' hair. The most-pressing news on the topic is about Britney going to a pool party with a wig. You know, I hate to make these kinds of grand statements, but it's simply pathetic that we as a culture have made this person into news. So she shaved her head, who gives a crap? Let her live. Britney Spears hasn't done anything relevant in like four years. Let her go gracefully into the night.

Isn't this a little too much information, even though it does concern Paris Hilton, the queen of TMI?

Go here to get another new, simply great Ted Leo song, from the musician's upcoming record (due March 20).

Need another reason to know why Americans will never care about soccer? How about this article. Do you think this could ever happen to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, or Derek Jeter and Manny Ramirez?

Speaking of Tom Brady, looks like he's going to be a baby daddy. We were talking about this at a bar the other night, and my friends and I came to this conclusion: If you're a professional athlete you can have, conservatively, three illegitimate children before it becomes a big deal, or news.

This new "The Black Donnellys" show is getting some decent buzz, although it takes a lot more than that to get to me watch a new TV show. Anyway, here's the first episode.

I think Jennifer Hudson might be one of those famous people who think Jesus loves her more than any other actress. That's why she's nominated for an Oscar, of course.

So Sirius and XM will join forces soon. This is big news, especially for people like me who subscribe to XM. Now I'll get Big East basketball and can listen to my beloved Providence College. This is a good thing. There's other ramifications too, but who cares about anything other than Big East basketball, especially around here?

Poor Sylvester Stallone. I think the fine folks in Sydney must have thought Sly was coming to film another "Rocky" and wanted no part of that.

The Jam is getting back together ... without Paul Weller. Is this really possible?

I know we've got a whole lot of Arcade Fire (the next Shins!) fans here, so go here to hear a whole concert.

Hooters and energy drinks, a match made in heaven. I have never even tasted a Red Bull or one of its brethren. I will die and still be able to say the same thing. Now, give me a sec while I go buy my fourth cup of coffee today.

The reunited Police will join with another reunited band to perform at Al Gore's Live Earth (a fake Live Aid). That other band? Genesis. And let's just say that the trio making up the English pop/prog band is getting far less attention than it should. As sad as it may sound, if I could only go to one reunion show this summer, it would be the Genesis one. Of course, I'll be at both.

OK, so let's get local for a bit. Cafe Nine hosts Primordial Undermind tonight.

Jordan Carp headlines The Space's Open Mic, so get your guitars and tambourines and make the trip to Hamden. I'll be playing my triangle.

And that's about it on this end. Talk to you tomorrow.

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